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Getting an unanounced GWP?

SilverLoveSilverLove SwedenMember Posts: 91
Not entirely sure if this should be posted here or in ”Buying and selling”...

Went to a Lego store last week, bought things for about 30USD/€. I rarely have the time to get to the Lego-store, but I was in the vicinity and I love the BAM so thought i would have a look and see what I could pick up. (Didnt hurt it was 2x VIP too).

Anyway. At the check out they threw in a polybag. I was surprised since there were no adverts about it, neither online nor in the store. I was to surprised to ask the employee about it, so Im asking here now: are there often GWP that are not announced?

When i looked the polybag up here, the information about 30549 (sorry dont know how to post it as a link, someone care to teach me?!) says its ”LEGO exclusive” + ”Free with qualifying purchases at, October 2020”... except, as I said earlier, its has not been announced on the Swedish site of [email protected] or in newsletters or in the shop. The only announced GWP at the time was the mini-mindstoorm set and a small Trolls set.

This makes me wonder if this often occur: are there are other GWP that are unannounced? I dont care that mich about this set, dont have any use for extra bits although freebies are always nice, but I dont want to miss out in the furure if the GWP is something really nice (to me, ie fits my interests) a special minifig or something.

So, if this occur often/once in a while besides popping in to a Lego store once a week (not possible), any tips on how to stay informed?


  • benbacardibenbacardi EnglandMember Posts: 712
    edited October 2020
    ( Just put a hash in front: #30549 )
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,339
    First off, linking to a set is the easy part. Just add a # in front of the set number ( #30549 ).

    As for the set, I don't know much about apart from it appears to be part of the 'build the world' advertising theme that LEGO used this year. 

    It seems not all promotions are advertised (seems harder these days to find out what actually is being given away).
    Just recently I was in the store at Bluewater and was informed that with spends over £85 on Star Wars sets you could pick either #40333 or #40362 and that #40407 was being given away with (I think) #75290 - Mos Eisley.
    None of which had been advertised and may just have been because they had excess stock of the promotional sets so may have been pot luck with my timing.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,363
    Stores often give out excess stock from older promotions if they still have them around. Or it may have been not advertised if the stores might have been closed or stock not received during coronavirus, then stock came and they did the promo anyway.
  • SilverLoveSilverLove SwedenMember Posts: 91
    bandit778 said:
    Now, im not even one iota interested in Star Wars, but even I like those three sets you wrote about. Lucky indeed! 
    The reasons you and @CCC gave seem...reasonable :) Although I do wish it was easier to know keep up with when there are freebies. I would make more of an effort to go to the store i think. I get the feeling I dont buy as much lego as some other here (or some of the other customers I meet when in store) when it comes to sets, but i really like discovering BAM and lego products that are not for playing some magnets, cups, ice trays etc. so GWP would be a nice extra bonus when buying things I dont ”need” just ”like”. (And Im talking about ”need” in terms of Lego, which is not comparable to food, shelter etc) And also knowing if its a GWP that suits ones interests. For example, i would have liked the small Friends-picnic set or the City-surfer/buggy set more than the #30549 set I got (yeah I know, call me ungrateful for not being to fond of the freebie I got this time).
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Somewhere between Ice Station Odyssey and FabulandMember Posts: 2,364
    edited October 2020
    This promo was on the US calendar for October...

    ...while it is true that they are also currently clearing out promos because of Covid and less people coming into physical stores... last week they gave me 3 of the Harry Potter polys just for asking! 
  • SilverLoveSilverLove SwedenMember Posts: 91


    ...last week they gave me 3 of the Harry Potter polys just for asking! 
    Ive seen those before in the store, but they didnt have any this time...i just assumed they didnt have much to add to the calendar since a lot of activities cant take place. Hmm, where can I find the Swedish (or Europe?) equivallent online - since I know that the US dates/promos are different in time/availability. For example, I read about the green from green plants set that was supposed to be handed out and kept my eyes on the [email protected] during that period, but it never showed up - ever, to my knowledge.

    Im happy for you that they were so generous :) ...are you a frequent customer so that the staff recognize you? I only visit the lego store 1-2 times each year.
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