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Lego New Haunted Mansion Attraction

DianneDianne Canada🇨🇦Member Posts: 34
Has anybody experienced this problems with the above set:  The roof over Baron Von Baron’s lovely picture he shares with King Tut is always falling apart if it’s gently touched. I have spent hours trying to make the original roof work and hours trying to find a solution to a stronger roof but I have run out of ideas.  My second question is: has anyone experienced the failure of the car in the elevator to fall back to original spot (the bottom). Final question:  what is the purpose of the second crank on the elevator mechanism?   A huge thanks to anyone who might know the solutions to these problems! 🙂


  • flecskiflecski Member Posts: 81
    Using the second crank will stop your problem with the car not stopping at the bottom. The second crank disengages the chain drive from the one-way mechanism, allowing the car to fall to the bottom. The chain will get pushed backwards. You then re-engage the one way and wind it back up.
    So don't wind the chain up higher than is required to get the car to the top. If you wind it further, then the second wide chain link is higher than the bottom.
    Hope this makes sense.  Perhaps that's why Lego didn't try to explain it in the instructions, because its confusing. It does work though.
    Good luck

  • DianneDianne Canada🇨🇦Member Posts: 34
    Thank you, I’ll give it a try. 
  • DianneDianne Canada🇨🇦Member Posts: 34
    My husband suggested removing the roof of the elevator shaft and having a look in.  Removing the roof allowed the car to drop back into the shaft, as it’s supposed to, but it only descended as far as the wall with the window inset and then stopped. I feel that I am one step closer to fixing the problem.
  • panchox1panchox1 The Outer RimMember Posts: 625
    I just finished my this Saturday in time for a Halloween display. I've had zero issues with the ride functioning or the roof. though the roof assemblies do seem a little fragile.  I really want to add power to it. The app interface seems pretty cool.
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