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WTB or Trade Lego Giraffes (UK)

Black4evaBlack4eva England, UKMember Posts: 23

Its my nephews birthday in a month and he asked for Lego Giraffes, so I'm looking for:

x2 Lego Giraffe Suit guy from Lego Movie 2 CMF's
40228: Geoffrey & Friends
Also maybe a Llama suit guy from series 20

Either I can buy or trade (Used or Sealed).

For Trade:
5004081 - Plastic Man
5002943 - Winter Soldier
30085 - Jumping Snakes
30210 - Frodo with Cooking Corner
30200 - Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car
30240 - Z-95 Headhunter
30260 - Lone Ranger's Pump Car
30152 - Mining Quad
30211 - Uruk-hai with Ballista
30056 - Star Destroyer
30160 - Batman: Jet Surfer
30163 - Thor and the Cosmic Cube
30004 - Battle Droid on STAP
30300 - The Batman Tumbler
30301 - Batwing
30140 - ADU Walker

I have too many to name, used and sealed, please name what your looking for.

I have been a member on hear for a long time, I've done a few trades, I think they'll be some feedback in the feedback thread.

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