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Bricks by the Bay

ravendragonwingravendragonwing Member Posts: 188
edited February 2012 in Community and Events
Anyone going?


  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,292
    @Russell844 is founder and organizer of the event.

    My LUG, Sacramento Brick Builders, has a contingent going since it's just a 2 hour drive for us. There are at least 5 or 6 of us on this forum :)
  • giraffefrecklesgiraffefreckles Member Posts: 100
    You all going to be wearing some sort of cape as an identifier or something? I'll be wearing a young toddler. :) Only going to the public exhibition.

    Thanks for the heads-up, raven. I saw the link to this event last year but was too chained to the house to go.
  • jadeirenejadeirene US, CaliforniaMember Posts: 475
    The event is only about 15 minutes away from me, but I'm going to be out of the country at the time. =(
  • giraffefrecklesgiraffefreckles Member Posts: 100
    That's too bad! 15 minutes yet thousands of miles apart!
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,292
    Bumping because the event starts tomorrow.
    The non-public Friday and Saturday days have already been sold out, but the Sunday -the public day for viewing models, purchasing from vendors, and general mingling - is still open.
  • giraffefrecklesgiraffefreckles Member Posts: 100
    Well, went to my first-ever brick event. I think I figured out my toddler likes cars, but still not sure. The Last March of the Ents display was impressive. So were the two dinosaurs, St. Patrick's Day cake, battleship Yamato (with white ninja microfigure crew), Greco-Roman layouts (especially the 3-d map), Scrambler amusement park ride (all powered up), and a little ol' white spaceship. Gotta love all the care that went into these creations.

    The sales area was a little different than I expected. There were definitely booths with merchandise at collector's prices. I walked in and then walked out -- wide-eyed. The build-a-minifigure booth was good for me. Also, I didn't know fabric capes and shawls were that high-end of a product!

    In general, it was mostly a boy's shopping haven. I realized later I didn't see as many girls going ga-ga at the sales booths. All very well-behaved kids. Nice to see all that stimulating imagination and imagination stimulated.

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