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legoDad: LegoDad in the hizzy!

legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
My name is Mike...'clap, clap'...I play with LEGO...'clap, clap'....I wear tight pants...'clap, clap' check me out!
I know, I know..I'm juvenille...;)
Hey all...great to be onboard the new Brickset Forum. Beside what you see on my profile page for all things LEGO, I like to draw...and from time to time, I get lucky and get published.
Here's a temporary website of mine (till a I get a new snazzy one up and running) to see some of my work -



  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    Hey Welcome Mike! If getting your picture in the paper for something other than a mugshot counts as getting published, then me too, lol!

    All kidding aside you do amazing work. Looks like your the celeb. of the group!
  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    ...thx kor...appreciate you checking out my work man, but no celeb here amigo...Just a working stiff artist.
    Speaking of mean Brad Pitt or David Beckham aren't members of Brickset? They've been known to build a set or two...;)
  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    Who knows, I might be Brad Pitt.....or not....
  • PaulTRPaulTR Member Posts: 115
    edited May 2011
    Who knows, I might be Brad Pitt.....or not....
    kor! How rude of you!? Everyone knows I'M the real Brad Pitt! In fact, I'm Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, AND all 6 of their kids rolled into one! (just joking ;)

    Welcome LegoDad! My little brother is an artist and he thinks this rocks! As for me, I'm too stupid to appreciate good art when I see it. Still, even I think this is cool stuff, so it MUST be good! Glad you're with us!
  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    Thx PaulTR. Say 'Many thanks' to your little brother for me. Hope he's drawin' every day.
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