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Help With Giant Mech Ankle Joints!

aadderaadder USAMember Posts: 6
edited October 2020 in Building and Techniques

Hello everyone, 

i'm trying my best to build a giant mecha, specifically a Gundam. I am HIGHLY intimidated by the incredible Gundam MOCs out there, so i'm doing my best not to look at them. 

However, i do need some advice. The ankle joint of any mecha is so important because it keeps the entire thing upright. Large feet can help offset it, but ultimately a weak ankle joint will make the whole thing come crashing down. 

I'm trying to build a Gundam that will be largely in-scale with lego minifigs, so i'm shooting for 16-17" tall (40-43 cm) to align with the mechas from my preferred series. To that end I'm copying the hip construction to a large extent from Lloyd's Titan Mech, which you can see here:

I'm VERY worried about the ankles, however. My mech is looking to be about 3-4" (7-10 cm) taller than theirs, and i am not confident in the joint they use for the ankle. It's one of those larger ball-and-socket joints that are present in the link i posted at the elbow. I am worried that it won't be able to bear the weight with my extra 3-4" added on, and in addition, my build calls for knees, so the ankle will be extra important. 

What pieces do you all use for joints on large mechas that might help? I've seen many amazing mecha builds, but i can rarely make out their ankles. Any and all help would be very appreciated.

As a secondary question, any ideas you have for horns for a Gundam of that scale would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to avoid directly copying anyone else's build or even seeing them, but i'm unsure of horn assembly at a 16" scale. 


  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 1,659
    edited October 2020
    This all depends on the level of poseability you want. If it's just going to stand there as a statue, I'd go with fewer degrees of possible movement and possibly fix the ankles. The ball joints in the CCBS system are stiffer.

    My own "mecha" style robot builds have always suffered at the hips
    For many, the #76105 hulkbuster was a bit if a disappointment from a poseability point of view... but it does have good stability.
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