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Exporting sets to Rebrickable results in some sets appearing twice

biker72biker72 Member Posts: 2
Hi all,

In the forum there are some issues about the link with Rebrickable, but could not find my issue.

I imported all my Rebrickable sets into Brickset. A day later I updated my sets by exporting my Brickset sets towards Rebrickable. Somehow about half the sets now appears twice in my set lists.

In Rebrickable I have custom set lists. The extra sets seems to appear in, what I believe used to be the default set list which I renamed. Strange as they originally were imported from the other custom lists.

If I remove some sets in Rebrickable and perform the export again, the sets reappaer as double. So it is reproducable.

Any ideas on this? Thanks in advance

Grtz, Dennis


  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    I believe they end up in your default set list at Rebrickable and at the moment it's not possible to specify which one to send them to.
  • biker72biker72 Member Posts: 2
    OK, thanks. So far for the link between the two then.
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