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Storage Methods - Fold Boxes Flat and use plastic boxes?

ktsamktsam UKMember Posts: 26
Hi all, 

Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before; I've tried searching but I'm on my mobile and I only seem to get one result (which I'm sure can't be correct).

We have a small box room that is bursting at the seams and amongst other things, some of my Lego is stored in there. It's not ideal but unfortunately, we don't have the space to move it anywhere else so I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on how best to store it.

At the moment, I have quite a few large Lego boxes that are so far unopened so I was wondering whether it would be better to open the boxes, put the Lego into plastic storage boxes and keep the boxes flat.

My questions so far are as follows:

* Would I gain much space doing this?

* Would my Lego be safe stored this way? (should I add silica sachets to the plastic boxes?) 

* How could I keep the original cardboard boxes from getting damaged?

* Is there anything else I should consider?

Perhaps there are better ways of condensing my Lego that haven't occurred to me but I thought this was the best place to ask for guidance.

Thanks in advance for any help 😊 


  • bricktuarybricktuary Krakozhia (temporarily stuck in London)Member Posts: 947
    It's what I do. Well, that or (mainly) recycle the box, which it sounds like you don't want to do. 

    Space saved varies by set, but I find you can gain a lot, especially if you dump the bricks (in their packets) in very large plastic bins. Opaque, of course, because of sunlight. 
  • ktsamktsam UKMember Posts: 26
    Thanks for your reply. 

    You're right, I want to keep the boxes!

    Do you use anything like silica sachets in your plastic boxes to keep your lego in good condition or is that not necessary?

  • bpk2300bpk2300 Florida Member Posts: 196
    I stuff smaller boxes into bigger boxes. Sometimes I get four boxes into the space of one.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,015
    I don't think silica gel would be necessary. LEGO is not damaged by a bit of dampness, even less so if it's in sealed bags. 
  • ktsamktsam UKMember Posts: 26
    Thanks everyone, sounds like this could be a good plan then. 
  • browny333browny333 USAMember Posts: 49
    I just fix up the boxes each in one
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