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Advent Calendars

Looking for some assistance, with regards to calendars.
When you look at listings for the 1298, They come back with the basic and classic categories.
From looking at bricklink there appears to be pics of two differing sets but I cannot find info on them 
When you put the number into a search engine it just comes back with the basic.
Has anyone seen this before or can shed light onto it.


  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Member Posts: 2,368
    edited August 2020
    From what I can tell there is just the one set (not accounting for any regional packaging differences).   Brickset has it listed as Classic Theme and Basic theme group...

    while Bricklink seems to have made a special categorization - this is the only Advent set in the “Classic Basic” subcategory!
    Bricklink does have some different pics but I think that those are just box art vs instructions... plus one seller has a pic of the actual set...

  • LynchyLynchy Member Posts: 2
    Hi Kenny
    I have seen what you are  talking about, and yes the Basic set is on most of the searches, but there are a few and there is some on ebay at present that have exactly the same everything on the box, except where the word BASIC is it says CLASSIC and there is a yellow oval with print to the left hand side of this word. It does appear to be exactly the same set as far as contents go as well 
    Any help will be great

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