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UK - WTT Superhero figs for Star Wars figs

brickedinbrickedin Member Posts: 574
Hello all, 

I have the following figs up for trade. Unless otherwise stated these were taken from sets, built and then stored.

Batzaro  SH163 (still in sealed plastic pod)
trickster sh210 (still in sealed plastic pod)
iron man SH065
iron man mark 7 SH036
iron man mark 45 SH164
iron man mark 43 sh167
iron patriot SH084 ( i should be able to locate poly bag and instructions for this)
ultron mark 1 SH169
ultron prime SH175
ultra sentry SH166 x2
ultra sentry officer SH165 (no backpack)
Thor SH170
Hydra henchman SH170
Hawkeye SH172
Thor SH098
Mr Freeze SH266
Batgirl SH092
Goon SH093
Robin SH091
Bane SH009
acquaman SH050
catwoman SH006
guard SH023
manbat SH086
Nightwing SH085
Storm SH116
cyclops SH117
captain cold SH148
Truck driver SH149
Jor el SH082
riddler SH008
Jokers henchman SH020
General zod helmet and cape SH076
Faora SH080
Colonel Hardy SH079
General zod SH078
Green lantern SH145
Martian manhunter SH114
Lex luthor SH039
Dr octopus SH110
Lex Luthor SH012
electro SH105
electro SH141
chitauri foot soldier SH030
chitauri general SH029
Hawkeye SH034
Mary jane 5 SH103
Powerman SH104

I also have a bunch of batman figs (batmen?) which i will identify in due course.

I am after star wars figs from my want list:

Be warned it's a big list, obviously i am only interested in figs in great condition. I have a fair bit of feedback on the forums, any offers by PM please.




  • babieface75babieface75 Member Posts: 109
    I have lots on your list but i cant pm you,the site keeps resetting your name when i try to message you,doesnt matter if i type it or copy/paste,it just vanishes and says i need to pick a name.Anyone else with same probs?
  • brickedinbrickedin Member Posts: 574
    A few batmen:

    batman SH016A x2
    batman SH151
    batman SH089 x2
    electrosuit SH046
    batman SH111
    batman SH025
    batman wings and jetpack SH019
    arctic batman SH047

    and a few more random bits

    commissioner Gordon SH063
    Robin SH011
    The penguin SH096 and a couple of brick built penguins
    Loki SH033
    Thor SH018
    Magneto SH119
    Aldrich Killian SH067
    extremis soldier SH071
    The mandarin SH074

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