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Weights of Lego sets

Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
edited February 2012 in The Database
People have mentioned that 'price per piece' is not as useful as 'price per kg' when assessing whether a lego set represents value for money. Apparently TLG use the weight when pricing architecture (and possibly other) sets.

Weight would seem to be a very useful measure to be added to the database. Partly for assessing value, but also because, for those of us who sell, it would allow us to estimate postage costs.

Also, I wondered if anyone has any exmaple weights. I've got out the digital kitchen scales to weigh some of the sets I have around the place and realised I need some new kitchen scales!


  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,112
    Bricklink has weights for pretty much all sets, and I use it ALL the time, along with the LxWxH dimensions they store as well. Not sure Huw & company want to duplicate that effort, but I'd sure love to have it here as well if they do.
  • ChompersChompers Member Posts: 648
    ^ Are the Bricklink weights the total weight i.e. Box,Instructions & Elements/Packets or Just the Elements on their own.

    Agreed this info would be helpful here.
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    I use Bricklink for set weights all the time too. It is a big help. Brickset should have something like that too :) But the weight of the Mercedes Benz Unimog set is incorrect on Bricklink.
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,112
    BL weights are product in sealed box.
  • hewmanhewman Member Posts: 90
    Weight is the primary determinant for designers in working out if a set is within budget. There have been several interviews published on the web with designers that mention this.
    On top of this I did a multivariate analysis (probably only a term used by stats geeks, for others just think 'complicated mathematical model') a couple years ago on what factors influenced the price of Star Wars sets. I put the number of minifigs, number of pieces, weight, and other less obvious factors into the model and the only significant factor in determining the price was the weight of the set. I later did this for some non-licensed sets and got the same results. I didn't however put licensed and non-licensed sets into the same model as we all know that licensed sets cost more.
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