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Considering a collection liquidation... (Chicago)

Boardshorts85Boardshorts85 Member Posts: 183
With a variety of household projects on the list, plus little to no actual building time with a toddler running around, I'm considering liquidating my collection and putting some feelers out there for interest

ATM, I have some larger NIB sets listed for sale on FB Marketplace

31065 - Park Street Townhouse (2 avail)
70909 - Batcave Break-In
70912 - Arkham Asylum
70917 - Ultimate Batmobile
70923 - The Bat Space Shuttle
76108 - Sanctum Santorum Showdown (2 avail)

Plus some additional NIB sets, 4 Akro-Mills parts organizers, largely full, another shoebox-ish of bulk parts, and 2 22 gal footlockers full of organized sets, both with and without boxes.

Brickset currently values my collection at about $8400.  If I were to hold onto the Modulars, the Tumbler and Batpod, and a few other choice pieces (ie gifts from the wife), that leaves a ballpark value of $5000

Anyone out there interested in taking the lot off my hands?  Most of the boxes are gone, but I've held onto a stored all the instructions.

Link to the BL collection below.  Photos available to anyone interested.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.