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Looking to buy

babieface75babieface75 Member Posts: 109
Hi folks i recantly got a bob the jedi knight torso and legs and at the moment i cant seem to find

in the same bricklink store or if i do the head has damage or cape frayed,always one off the 3 pieces iam missing.
I was wondering if any of you good folk out there have them(or a bricklink store with all in stock) and are willing to sell them on,let me know,cheers


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    The original cape and other parts will be expensive if in good condition. Reddish brown will be a cheaper alternative, but will still be relatively expensive for a cape. There is a reason this is a £30-40 figure, even when used.

  • babieface75babieface75 Member Posts: 109
    Theyre not that exspensive, couple of quid at most for a good one(not that much to complete a £30-£40 figure,its just getting all the parts from the same place,is there a way of looking for parts on bricklink or brickowl where i can list the parts and it looks for all of them from the same place,iam not that good with it and it seems to be a bit crappy at the moment(looking for a grey torso kept bringing green ones up and the x-women,forget her name,ends in grey,lol)
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    You can go to bricklink and part out the figure (sw0057) into a wants list, then search for a store that has all three parts. 

    The only correct cape in the UK is currently £8 and the cheapest hood £2.40, both from different sellers. There are no heads in the UK, so you might want to buy the construction figure that this head appears in instead.

    The torso is this one, note the American spelling of "gray" not grey.{%22color%22:10,%22ss%22:%22UK%22,%22rpp%22:%22500%22,%22iconly%22:0}
  • babieface75babieface75 Member Posts: 109
    Ha,the american spelling,thats why i couldnt find it under grey,lol
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