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Striking gold

Nolin, aka Kipper147, reviews a set from the 70s that he found in immaculate condition:

Oh the joys of the summer yard sale. Grandpa’s gold clubs, a buzzing CRT television, some lawn-care equipment complete with last year’s lawn clippings still caked on, and the elusive goldmine of finding someone’s LEGO collection that’s “taking up space in the attic.”

For those who are unaware of what a yard-sale is (as I’m not sure if the concept is exclusive to the US), it is effectively a thrift store run from your own yard! They’re a great way to clear out some clutter from, or in my case, a great way to adopt other peoples’ clutter! Occasionally you can find some fantastic LEGO sets and collections that someone doesn’t want – and usually at a good price too!

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