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Storage solutions: AppaBrick Administrator Posts: 6,578
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Storage solutions: AppaBrick

AppaBrick shows us his custom-made drawers and display solution:

I've been living in Canada near Vancouver for the past 10 years but I grew up in France. My childhood was in the early eighties and Lego was my main toy, so Classic Space, City and Castle from the time means so much to me.

I didn't really organise my Lego early on, so they were scattered in several rooms, fortunately somewhat limited in the space they were taking. I don't know exactly when, maybe when I was around 12, I started sorting Lego. I think I continued building new creations until the end of high school and buying a few technic cars like 8070 and 8880 then came a nearly 25 year dark age with very scarce Lego purchases but one non-Lego brick set (Oxford, Kre-O in other countries) while living in Korea.

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