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MOCHUB takes the hard work out of buying and selling MOCs Administrator Posts: 6,580
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MOCHUB takes the hard work out of buying and selling MOCs

I recently became aware of MOCHUB, which is a 'LEGO kit fulfilment centre' and, coincidentally, a little while later the company got in touch offering to send me some kits to review.

The team at MOCHUB offer a valuable service to both sellers and buyers. For sellers, they do the hard work of sourcing the parts, sorting and bagging them, shipping to customers, and even creating instructions for your model if you need them to. For buyers, they save you the effort of identifying and buying the parts, perhaps in multiple orders, yourself.

Jason Alleman of JK Brickworks sells several of his models on the platform and tells me "All they need for a kit is the parts list, building instructions and photos, all of which I already make for most of my models. They then check the inventory of the model and potentially suggest changes based on the market.

"Before I started working with them, I had thought about putting together kits myself. Over the years, I had been getting steadily more requests for kits of some of my models. At some point I put together a kit for someone and after that I thought, 'Man, I'm never going to do this again!' I'd rather spend my LEGO time doing creative things like designing models than counting parts and stuffing them into bags."

You'll find contact details in a press release, which explains more about the company and what they do, after the break. I'll post a review of the kits I was sent next week.

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