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Huwbot Building Tips (and modifications)

After Huw shared building instructions for Huwbot, I wanted to create a place where everyone could share tips and advice on building him. Feel free to share photos of your Huwbots here as well!

Here are some tips I saw from official sources:
  • Huw: "The part number for the long axles is incorrect in the instructions. It should be 3707, the 8l version, not 7l." (corrected in .xml wanted list file) (source)
  • Eero Okkonen: "Couple of tips: It might be easier to connect the hub caps (boat studs) to the TECHNIC bushing first and then connecting them to the 8l axles." (source)
  • Eero: "Also, by rotating the torso 180 degrees from the instructions, as Huw did, makes the colour blocks on the flanks line up as on the category bar on the top of this site. Probably should be that way originally." (same source as above)
  • Huw: "The wheels [of the recent Wooden Duck set] include a red 4x4 round plate with hole in the middle which is new in this set. (They'd be ideal for Huwbot's head!)" (source)

Speaking of tips, I made a slightly modified version of Huwbot that, among other things, strengthens the connection of the neck to the head. I'll share the details in the following post..


  • Goldenguy880Goldenguy880 USAMember Posts: 4
    Here are the details on my modified Huwbot. It looks pretty much the same as the original; all the changes are internal for stability purposes. I'll explain my changes below.

    # 1.
     I replaced the white 2x3 brick in the head with a subassembly that allows the neck connection to attach with 4 studs instead of 2. (expand spoiler to see images)

    # 2. I added the 2x3 hook plate to make it easier to attach the 2x2 round jumper on top of it (previously there was a 2-stud empty space under half of it). I used light bluish gray because a) it's expensive in white, and b) I think it matches fine with the gray inverted brackets on either side of it.

    # 3. I replaced two white 1x2 plates in the wheel section with 1x4s, to strengthen the 4x4 car roof's connection to the assembly (which by extension strengthens the torso's connection to the wheels). You can use the white 1x2s left over for the head subassembly in # 1.

    List of parts different from the official inventory:
    • - x1 white 2x3 brick

    I've attached my instructions for this modified version, plus my model file (from which you can export a Bricklink wanted list if you wish).
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,014
    Thank you for this. I look forward to seeing other modifications.
  • Goldenguy880Goldenguy880 USAMember Posts: 4
    bandit778 said:
    We all know that #HUWBOT looks after Brickset and does a wonderful job.
    But have you ever wondered what causes the odd problems that affect the site from time to time.
    Well guess no more.
    Meet #HUWBOT's evil twin.
                     Remover & 


    I love it! Great use of the Chinese dragon eyes. And extra points for using the uncommon dark bluish gray ball cups on the eyes!
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