LEGO Collector's Guide - 2nd Edition

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As you may be aware by now, the 2nd Edition of the LEGO Collector's Guide by Fantasia Verlag GmbH is available for pre-order.

This is paperback, and I haven't seen any mention of a hardcover edition. Does anyone know of an impending hardcover version?

The 1st edition had both hardcover and softcover. Does anyone remember the manner in which they were released? Were they simultaneous or, if one before the other, do you recall the order?

My faint recollection was that it was softcover and then hardcover introduced later.


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    My faint recollection was that it was soft-cover and then hardcover introduced later.
    This is my recollection also and a question I've been trying to answer since I first heard of the Second Edition. I am surprised there is no mention of a hard-cover anywhere though. Having said that, the hard-cover/gift pack was released to commemorate Lego's 50th so maybe it will just be a paperback this time?
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