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WTT WTS USA only H: Monster Fighters, Chima, Ninjago, CMF, City W: JP, Speed Racers, City, CMF, $$$

skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
Hello All I have a few things on my wish list, however clearing out the majority of my collection.  Also willing to take reasonable offers of money since that is more important at this point in time.  All of my items are from a smoke free home and very clean so I expect the same via a trade.  Only working deals in the US at this time.

Also if possible would be easier to move as lots as they are all in bins in plastic bags.  If not lets work something out.  * means priority wants and also hard to let go items for myself so I really only want to part with it if its something I must have.  I am willing to make some good deals and prices as long as its reasonable.  MORE TO COME!!!

#10273 Haunted House*
#21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay
#40373 Fair Ground Set*
#60021 Cargo Heliplane
#60059 Logging Truck
#60141 Police Station
#60004 Fire Station
#60231 Fire Chief Truck
#60257 Service Station
#60258 Tuning Workshop*

Speed Champions
#76899 Lambo and Hurican*
#76898 Jaguars*

Jurassic World
#75941 Indominus Vs Ankylosaurus*
#75940 Gallimimus Breakout*
#75938 T-Rex vs Dino Mech*
#75937 Triceratops Rampage*

CMF Series 20 All*

Most CMF's since series 1 may have duplicates stores in baggies for trade as well.

Chima (Assembled, Complete, w/ Instructions) (possibly not all spare pieces)
#30250 Ewar's Arco Fighter
#30256 Ice Bear Mech
#70001 Crawly's Claw Ripper
#70002 Lennox's Lion Attack (rear wheels modified for more "off road" potential)
#70004 Wack's Pack Tracker
#70229 Lion Pack
#70230 Ice Bear Pack
#70231 Crocodile Pack
#70232 Sabretooth Pack

Ninjago (Assembled, Complete, w/ Instructions) (possibly not all spare pieces)
#70600 Ninja Bike Chase
Loose Mini Figures from Foil Packs
#70730 Chain Cycle Ambush
#70732 City of Stiix*
#70733 Blaster Bike
#70735 Ronin REX*

City/Creator (Assembled, Complete, w/ Instructions) (possibly not all spare pieces)
#31035 Beach Hut
#60077 Space Starter Set
#31010 Tree House
#30365 Space Satellite
#3177 Small Car
#3179 Repair Truck
#4202 Mining Truck*
#4644 Marina (NIB)
#7346 Seaside House
#7631 Dump Truck
#7938 Passenger Train*
#7900 Heavy Loader ( missing driver )*
#7630 Front End Loader*
#7746 Single Drum Roller*

Random Bags of Batman and Marvel set parts including wings or even entire ant of the Ant Man set, Various Stickers.  Please request pictures to an email.  
Random Marvel and DC instruction Manuals, City Manuals, Random other set Manuals

Monster Fighters ( Recently acquired lot, somewhat of a project lot, figures and pieces seem to be mostly complete with instructions, dusty currently cleaning as this is posted would like to move as a lot )

#9461 Swamp Creature
#9462 The Mummy
#9463 The Werewolf
#9464 The Vampyre Hearse
#9466 The Scientist
#9467 Ghost Train
#9468 The Vampyre Castle
#7306 Golden Staff Guardians


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