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Advice on resale of original brickstructures/lego architecture sets; signed by adam tucker reed.

Hi All,

first time post on your forum - so please go easy :)

I was after some advice on resale of an original brickstructures/lego architecture set; Ive owned for 10 years.

I purchased them as a set direct from brickstructures USA in 2010; but forgot about it and only found it again recently in back of my cupboard.

All the sets are unopened, in mint condition and come in the original brickstructures shipping box with receipt. They are also all personally signed by Adam Tucker Reed (creator) and include 'Landmark Series' and 'Architecture Series'; i.e.
1. Fallingwater (21005)
2. Guggenheim Museum (21004)
3. Sears Tower (21000),
4. John Hancock Center (21001),
5. the Empire State Building (21002),
6. the Seattle Space Needle (21003);
7. The White House (21006).

Ive seen the fallingwater go for a significant sum as discontinued etc, but would like thoughts on complete set.

Would you please be able to provide any advice or direction on resale.

Many Thanks!


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