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Beachwood LEGO store grand opening

korkor Member Posts: 392
edited April 2011 in Community and Events
Did anyone else make the grand opening of the LEGO store in Beachwood OH today? I took my camera but the battery died so no pics,sorry!
There was a reporter from a local newspaper there that took pics of my wife grabbing stuff out of the PAB and then took some pics of our oldest son building with the "community" bricks. I had to get a Maersk Train for myself:)
I was surprised how busy it was. We waited an hour to get in the store and then almost another hour to check out. By the time we left the mall the line just to get into the store was probably double the size of what it had been around 2:00pm.


  • designrleedesignrlee Member Posts: 3
    Kor- thanks for the reminder! I will spending Easter Weekend on the east side (visiting from CT). I definitely need to make plans to go to Beachwood... and bring the kids too I suppose.
  • korkor Member Posts: 392
    edited April 2011
    Just be glad you're not there today. I heard from someone who is helping out that the wait time to get in the store is 3 hours.
  • designrleedesignrlee Member Posts: 3
    Gulp! Better clear up by Easter or we won't be visiting.
  • throttleonthrottleon Member Posts: 17
    Went Saturday at noon...waited 2 1/2 hours to get in the store....I took my 8 year old to get a Death Star and when we were the next group to go in a lady walked out with the last one! Could not beleave it... Billy was really disappointed...but we had a good time. He said the wait in line was more fun than the store. We are from Youngstown and we would have got in a store faster if we had driven to Columbus and went to the store there..
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