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Brick Sketches: Interview with Chris McVeigh Administrator Posts: 1,216,592
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Brick Sketches: Interview with Chris McVeigh

This year's virtual Fan Media days are over so we now have some great content to share with you over the coming weeks.

First, here's our interview with Chris McVeigh, designer of the Brick Sketches that we revealed last week, in which he reveals which one was the most difficult to perfect, which new parts have revolutionised their design and why the pens are not included in the sets.

What did you think when Brickset revealed the sets last week?

It was actually a complete surprise to me, because my understanding was that they were not going to be announced until later, after the fan media days. So I was just sitting here on the Thursday, when Tim from New Elementary messaged me to say that Brickset had posted pictures of them and I'm like, wait, what?!

But, it was amazing. It's my first product launch so it’s such an exciting time! Seeing the reaction, which is very positive, and people being very encouraging is great!

(It later transpired that LEGO stated the wrong embargo date in the email inviting us to receive them for review. -- Huw)

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  • MynattMynatt Member Posts: 629
    Do we know of what other products have come out of Lego's "Creative Boost" day in the past?
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