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Storage Solutions: JukeLimited Administrator Posts: 1,216,592
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Storage Solutions: JukeLimited

Juke, aka JukeLimited, shows how he stores his collection in Arkansas:

As the youngest of four kids, Lego sets were good (though expensive) toys for my parents to use to occupy us. We all seemed to enjoy the same themes and could rebuild the same collection of sets all day long, and these lovely plastic bricks last quite a long time if you care for them (and don’t lose pieces in the carpet!).

So, while we didn’t have every set we wanted, new ones were picked up occasionally and now the family collection has grown quite large, at least for our standards. I have used one of the fantastic user-defined collection flags in Brickset to mark this shared family collection of sets that are still at my parents’ house.

A saved query fetches sets with that flag; I have not marked them as owned since they are not in my collection and do not want them cluttering up my parts analysis. I can see that there are around 185 of these shared family sets waiting for grandkids or nostalgic adults to come along.

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