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Storage solutions: Jon

Jon in Ottawa shows us how he keeps his kids' LEGO under control:

While not AFOL level, we hope that a few AFOLs and kids alike can benefit from one or two ideas from our kids’ Lego setup.

My son is 5 and my daughter is 3. They share a Lego table, with a blue Lego studded "river" running through the middle of it. They each have the final word on what transpires on “their” side of the river, which helps keep quarrels to a minimum.

So as not to disrupt their creativity, photos were taken of the table and shelves’ in their most recent state of play. The kids have spent countless hours playing around this table throughout the lockdown and it’s been interesting to watch it “urbanse” as the weeks have dragged on (the 7-storey police station was a mere 3 stories tall when the lockdown first started).

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