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Storage solutions: RonnyN Administrator Posts: 1,218,924
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Storage solutions: RonnyN

RonnyN gives us a tour round his house, in which he seems to have LEGO in every nook and cranny:

I'm Ronny, and I'm really excited to take you through a tour of my collection's display and storage. Like most of us, I got my first set as a kid and fell in love. It was the 8860 Car Chassis which I received from my dad in 1980.

Technic was always my favourite theme. It probably played a big role in getting me to pursue a more technical career as well. I find that I'm drawn more to large sets, as well as the very small ones - such as Architecture.

I see myself mostly as a LEGO enthusiast. I'm not creative enough to build MOCs, but I really enjoy the act of building and growing my collection.

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