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White Bruce Wayne torso (misprint?) in 6860

Ma1234Ma1234 Member Posts: 693
edited January 2012 in Collecting
Building 6860 - The Batcave, and I noticed that my Bruce Wayne torso is incorrect. It's white. Appears that maybe the second layer of the blue paint wasn't applied over the lower design? Not sure - but here's a picture:

Anybody else find this? Will call LEGO on Monday to get a replacement torso, but this one is kind of cool.


  • fyrmedhattfyrmedhatt Member Posts: 128
    It seems they used a white rather than blue torso here, so it's not really a misprint but a print on the wrong part. I certainly would not get rid of it, as it is quite unique and will be worth significantly more than a normal Bruce Wayne figure.

    Just look at the values of the smooth haired princess Leia, and that's not nearly as rare as this error.
  • alldarkeralldarker Member Posts: 224
    Oohh... It's very interesting to see something like that. Yup, printing looks fine, just on the wrong torso color. Looks like it went wrong in the torso assembly proces, considering the arms are the right color.
    More proof that Lego's quality control is slipping ;-) but a very nice variant to own none-the-less!
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