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Storage solutions: woosterlegos Administrator Posts: 1,218,904
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Storage solutions: woosterlegos

James, aka woosterlegos, discusses an aspect of storage that hasn't been covered in depth in these articles before:

My method for storing Lego is probably similar to most others in the hobby. I use a broad range organiser trays, drawers, and bins to store the parts in a way that makes it reasonably easy to find what I’m looking for. So instead of talking about that, I would like to show my method for storing instruction booklets.

I store all my booklets in “sheet protectors” which I then insert into 3-ring or 2-ring binders. This storage method keeps them in pristine condition. Instruction booklets that start out rolled and twisted in the Lego box are completely flattened and in perfect condition after being stored in this manner for several weeks. It also makes it very easy to peruse and find the exact set of instructions I’m looking for.

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