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Will 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine be a collectible?

Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
edited April 2011 in Collecting
21100 is a limited edition of 10000 units and only available in Japan, but do you think it will become a valued collectible or not?


  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ I can't speak for everyone, but I'd like one :)
  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
    [ I am not sure why putting # in front of the set number has seemingly automatically made it a hyperlink to the forum search ]
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    that's just the way the markup for the forum works, but I've changed it to a link to the set guide for you
  • 12651265 Member Posts: 1,156
    Is this set truely limited to 10000?
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    I had the opportunity to see a local AFOL build this after he had someone in Japan procure and send him a couple. It truly is a gorgeous set and an absolute must-have.
  • Lego_Lord_MayorcaLego_Lord_Mayorca Member Posts: 619
    I don't know; I don't look at it and think, "Oh wow, nice set!" It's a really odd, not too attractive design, and if I'm going to get a submarine Lego set, I would prefer it be for use by minifigures. Of course, I've read this set is supposed to be in the same category as the Architecture series. Turning buildings into mini works of art is one thing, but the appeal just isn't there with vehicles. So to answer the first post, I don't find it particularly "valued". Even if it does become so, I still wouldn't be particularly compelled to buy it. But maybe I'm not like most AFOLs out there. :/
  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
    Is this set truely limited to 10000?
    Apparently so, it is the first of the sets to be made using the Cuusoo initiative

    Lego Cuusoo introduction:

    However is 10000 really that "limited" for a niche set? Does anyone know what a typical production run is for, say, one of the Architecture sets?

  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
    Well I've just bought one via eBay and they seem 'reasonably' priced considering they are part of the Architecture series!
  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu Member Posts: 368
    @1265 Just to confirm it is limited to 10,000 this from BrickJournal:

    "Only 10,000 of the submarines will be sold, exclusively in Japan." and "As only 10,000 copies of the Japanese submersible have been manufactured, the product is being Billund, Denmark by the LEGO Concept Factory. This is the unit that tests new product ideas for the LEGO Group to see whether they are viable and suitable for general production. ...The mini factory is able quickly to mould special parts and to pack small volume orders. "

    [source: ]
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