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Speed Champions pit garage/race track garage

colaycolay Member Posts: 547
Hey folks,

Looking to make pit garages for the 6 wide SC sets, and a pit wall, lane and maybe main race straight.

Any tips, ideas, photos or colours to use if any else has done similar?




  • FingerinsocketFingerinsocket Member Posts: 10
    This seems like a fun build.  Do you have any pictures of the "actual" pit garages for inspiration?  I don't have any tips, yet, but I think it would be fun to do this one in tandem with you.  If you,re interested perhaps we could bounce ideas off each other.
  • FingerinsocketFingerinsocket Member Posts: 10
    It seems I may need to increase my SC count.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    LOL at the SC count

    I mean, generally, pit garages are square ish rooms, with a big front opening, and a small back door or two, with room to house tools and a car or two with mechanics to work around it (in this case, I'll make each garage one car big and room to 'work' around it. Most race teams then take their own colour flooring to work on

    They will all be in line, along a pit straight, then the race straight, typically, runs parellel outside, with a wall to protect the pit area and for teams to sit and collect data and hold hold timing cards etc

    My issue is gonna be lack of correct bits to build

    I'll see if i have any pics, else Imma have to hit google images lol

  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
  • FingerinsocketFingerinsocket Member Posts: 10
    Ok, right on.  We are on the same page. 

    As far as personal look choices are concerned, I like the first pic.  Spartan and functional.  I'll see what I can MOC up.    
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    yeah, me too. think anything else is beyond my brick variety atm
  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,293
    Thruxton in Hampshire is probably the easiest pitlane to reproduce.

    The garages are open both ends. Each two openings lead to one large double garage.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    @Speedman29 Cheers, it's not far from me, and my favorite track!:)

    Gonna go for a generic test building to start with and go from there. I think my brick count will let me down, as well as lack of roller doors lol
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    Okay, sort of started. Not happy with the fact I have brick sized bricks. I really lack 1 x longer pieces to make thinner walls.
    Dont think I'm going to have any bricks to make a pit wall alomg this nearest edge

  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 3,731
    @colay the 2x4 brick is the iconic LEGO part, so using it just makes any build that much better, imho.
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    I dont disagree, it just doesnt look as good IMO :) Not when so many houses and buildings are built without  them and its 1 x X. The pit lane wall should be 2 x 4, as it needs to be thicker. I just feel it makes these buildings look too dense
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547

    Dont know what it needs. I know i need tiles for the pit garage floors, and out front is empty, wonder if a third base plate and having more cars might help? dont have thr right colour bricks to make a pit wall

  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,293
    From wandering up and down the pitlane quite a bit, the garages are reserved for the major jobs, gearbox out, engine change etc. The area in front is where tyres are changed etc, so maybe have a pitcrew jacking a car up to change tyres. A yellow line to divide the area would be good. A pitwall would be good, but if bricks are limited then maybe some pit stations where the timing boards are kept and a couple of crew watch screens to work out strategy? 
  • colaycolay Member Posts: 547
    well, im hoping to get some long 1 x X bricks soon and replace those 2x4 walls. The 2x4 bricks can then become my pit wall and stand the odd dude on it with lap times etc. the scrutineer to the left needs some work too. I think they rope off the area, dont they? need a lot of shiny tiles to make the line, but, good idea, ta :)
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