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[UK] Selling Blue Coat Bilbo on Ebay + Selling LOTR figs

nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 429
Hi guys,

Currently selling my Blue Coat Bilbo (sealed) on Ebay:

Also I got pretty much majority of the LOTR/Hobbit figs,

anyone interested here on buying or swapping?

I decided to focus only on exclusives and all SH minifigures which I have majority, but still missing some ;)

drop me PM if interested

stay safe & best regards!



  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Which SH minifigure are you after? I'm LOTR/Hobbit complete but duplicates and triplicates are often welcome!
  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
    Yes, there are a few of us out here that like multipicates...

    Do you have of list of what you're after?
  • nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 429
    Thank you for comments and DMs:

    I am after:

    top priority:
    sh143 - Superboy
    dim040 - Supergirl
    dim054 - Starfire
    sh183 , sh184, sh185 (figures from the hellicarrier)

    Majority of the OLD Batman and Spider-man minifigures or whole sets


    sh156 - superman
    sh050 - Aquaman with gold trident
    sh246 & sh247 mini flash & captain cold
    sh306 - Harley Quinn
    sh307 - Joker
    sh308 - Bruce
    sh309, sh310, sh311 - Bat Suits
    sh313 - alfred
    sh314 - penguin
    figs from #70908 - The Scuttler (except Batman)
    figs from #70912 - Arkham Asylum
    sh350 - Mayor
    sh353 - joker
    sh351 - penguin
    sh358 - mini wonder woman
    sh359 - mini doomsday
    sh340 - mini spiderman
    sh341 - mini scorpion
    sh364 - mini wolverine
    sh365 - mini magneto
    sh391 - scarecrow
    sh395 - two-face
    sh396 - mutant leader
    sh397 - polka dot man
    sh398 - harley quinn
    sh402 - batman with black wings
    sh414 - Bane
    sh415 - batman
    sh416 - officer
    sh417 - officer
    sh418a & sh418b monkeys
    sh424 - alfred
    sh435 - Tactical suit Batman
    sh436 - cyborg
    sh437 - batman
    sh438 - flash
    sh440 - disco joker
    sh441 - penguin
    sh442 - nightwing
    sh443 - disco batgirl
    sh444 - disco robin
    sh445 - disco batman
    sh446 - alfred
    sh447 - joker
    sh449, sh450, sh452 - batman suits
    sh453 - harley quinn
    sh454 - crazy quilt
    sh455 - gentleman ghost
    sh483 - mini supergirl
    sh484 - mini brainiac
    sh487 - egghead
    sh488 - condiment king
    sh491 - captain boomerang
    sh492 - mini batman
    sh493 - miniharley
    sh543 - ghost spider
    sh544 - aunt may
    sh548 - doc Ock
    sh569 - rocker racoon
    sh570 - hawkeye
    sh572 - thor
    sh573 - iron man
    sh573 - nebula
    sh576 - thanos
    sh577 - hulk
    sh586 - shazam (low priority)
    sh588 - robim
    sh589 - batman
    sh590 - joker
    sh591 - commisioner gordon
    sh592 - shazam x2
    sh593 - riddler
    sh594 - two face
    sh595 - catwoman
    sh596 - bruce wayne
    sh598 - joker
    sh599 - harley quinn
    sh612 - ironman
    sh613 - thanos
    sh615 - spider-girl
    sh616 - dr octopus
    sh618 - vulture
    sh622 - black panther
    sh623 - thor


    dim024 - BA Baracus
    dim030 - E.T.
    dim031 - Sonic
    dim032 & dim032 - Gremlins
    dim042 - Michael Knight
    dim050 - beattlejuice

  • nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 429
    figs available:

  • SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
    Well, then.  Let me see what we got!
  • nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 429
    Also need:

    TLM192 - Bechelor Batman
  • nerick906nerick906 Member Posts: 429
    LOTR figs
    lor031x1£2.75gollum narrow eyes
    lor042x1£9.50Goblin King
    lor027x1£24.00Cave Troll
    lor018x3£17.50Rigwraith eax3 horse £4.50ea
    lor064x1£23Mouth of Sauronx1 horse £4.50
    lor003x1£4.50Frodo Grey Cape
    lor062x1£6.00Frodo no cape
    lor030x2£6.50Bilbo red coat
    lor002x1£2.25frodo green shirt
    lor023x1£10.00mordor orc
    lor024x3£7.00mordor orc (bald)  ea
    few different accessories
    lor032x1£8.75Goblin soldier 2
    lor035x1£4.00Legolas Greenleaf
    lor039x1£7.00Hunter orc
    lor044x1£7.00Goblin scribe
    lor048x1£7.25Hunter Orc with quiver
    lor061x1£2.50Gandalf no cape/ no hat
    lor067x1£5.50Pirate of Umbar
    lor068x1£8.25Mordor Orc (bald) with armor
    lor069x1£12.00Soldier of the undead 1
    lor070x1£12.00Soldier of the undead 2
    lor071x1£14.50King of the undead
    lor073x1£4.50Gandalf no hat with cape
    lor077x1£7.00Gundabad Orc - Hair and Shoulder Spikes
    lor078x2£5.75Mirkwood Elf Archer - Dark Green Outfit    ea
    lor080x1£6.25Mirkwood Elf - Dark Green Outfit
    lor085x1£9.50Master of Laketown
    lor086x1£11.50Laketown Guard
    lor088x1£4.75Gundabad Orc
    lor089x2£6.00Gundabad Orc - Bald with Shoulder Spikes         ea
    lor090x1£4.25Statue of Dol Guldur
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