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(UK) FS 71027 Series 20 minifigures complete sealed sets and spares

sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 528

As per the title.

I will consider postage to other countries, just need to look at postage options

Full sealed sets of Series 20 minifigures for sale, £55 posted within the UK.

I also have spares of the 4 and 5 figures per box and willing to sell those for £3 a figure plus postage. If buying a full set then there is no extra postage.

5 fig box figures are :- ( number in brackets is the figure number on the collector sheet)

(4) Tournament Knight, (9) Super Warrior and (12) Sea Rescuer, figure with turtle

4 figure box figures are :-

(3) Pea Pod Costume Girl, (5) Pirate Girl, (6) Rocket Girl, (10) Nunchaku Fighter, (13) 10th Anniversary Brick Suit Guy, and (16) Drone Pilot

I do sell to several people here on brickset, so if you need references I can get them to contact you.

Please send a PM.





  • Speedman29Speedman29 Member Posts: 2,289
    Ordered a set from Mark last week and it arrived this morning. Nice covering note detailing which is which and what to feel for. There was no way I was going to be able to get any figures in the shops at the moment, so this worked out really well and a great price too.
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 528
    Just an update.

    Series 20 full sets all gone, but getting more very shortly so please log your interest.

    As for individual figures sold out of Brick suit guy, and low on the others apart from (4) tournament knight and (12) sea rescuer. Have lots of those left could do a deal for multiple of 4 and 12.
  • EelesyEelesy Member Posts: 61
    Ordered many full sets from Mark over the last year or so. Always fantastic service, cannot recommended enough.
  • TortoiseBoyTortoiseBoy Member Posts: 29
    Thank you for the full set Mark, amazing quick delivery as always A+++
  • Gibbo1959Gibbo1959 Member Posts: 539
    Pleased to receive my package today, thanks Mark, excellent service again. Saving them up for tomorrow - got to make the Bank Holiday special somehow. 
  • Muftak1Muftak1 Member Posts: 547
    I’m interested in a set when available!
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Member Posts: 1,771
    My "spares" arrived today, much appreciated Mark.
  • ShibShib Member Posts: 5,459
    I’d be interested in a set if you get more in
  • gold682gold682 Member Posts: 257
    I'll have a full set if you get anymore. Thanks.
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 528
    My 2nd wave of minifigs have arrived. Busy sorting.

    All people on the want list have been Pm'd

    I will have some spare full sets if you have not managed to get series 20. 

    Send me a PM.
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