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70's store model help

BeauBricksBeauBricks Member Posts: 19
Found this huge store model, but some pieces are broken or missing. Does anyone have any information on how it should have looked like? I am trying to restore it. It is all glued together, has a motor in it and an absolutely giant.



  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,362
    edited May 2020
    I know several collectors who specialize in restoring glued display models.  This one should be pretty easy to restore.  Fortunately for you, one of the 4 Ferris wheel type seating "spokes" is intact.  So all you really need to do is replicate that seating and and support to the main connection for the other 3 arms of the Ferris wheel.  You may have to buy some of those maxifigures for the other 3 seats, but those are not expensive.  Also you will need to try to pry off that broken tree on the left side, and replace it with another one in that spot.

    It is good that the "cactus" wheel holder is totally intact.  That won't leave you guessing.

    The chances of finding a built image of this glued display model from the 1970s is pretty slim.  Glued display catalogs seem to be easier to find for the 1958-70 era, than for later years.

    But it really is not important which maxifigures you use for the other 3 seats on that Ferris wheel, but you have several to choose from (boy/girl, parent, grandmother).

    Do post it once it is restored!  :-)
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