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New Harry Potter Wizarding World sets unveiled Administrator Posts: 1,217,396
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New Harry Potter Wizarding World sets unveiled

Here's a press release about six new Harry Potter sets that'll be available in June in Europe and August in the USA:

Today, the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed a new range of enchanting playsets for fans of the Wizarding World. Packed to the brim with delight and mystery, these captivating playsets will help bring the Wizarding World to life in a way that only LEGO play can do.

Featuring well-known characters, creatures and locations familiar to every would-be Hogwarts student in waiting, the new LEGO sets help young builders create adventures of their own. The sets provide opportunities for endless fun as fans help Harry, Ron, Hermione and their faithful friends reenact beloved moments from the films.

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  • Glacierfalls265Glacierfalls265 Member Posts: 261
    Just when I thought I was done collecting more, they release that sweet Astronomy Tower set. I'm going to need another bookshelf in my room! Goodbye money. 
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Member Posts: 2,368
    edited April 2020
    Great looking sets, especially the Astronomy Tower—I am disappointed by the stickers though...
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,435
    I know next to nothing about Harry Potter, but these sets look really good. I really like the buildings in Privet Place and the Burrow, and I pretty much have to want Astronomy Tower :)
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