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Confusion about minifigs in set 6211

Hi there,

So I’ve owned the 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer since it came out 2006. I’ve always loved the set as it was my first Star Wars set and I’m now going to rebuild it after all this time.

The confusion comes with the minifigs. I was informed by people at brickset that there were alternative versions of the minifigs in this set ( I’m wondering whether a set must contain ALL the alternative minifigs or can it have just some?

I ask this because mine came with the Darth Vader with no eyebrows. The primary version of Vader in this set according to brickset website.
I also cannot find in my entire collection of Lego any stormtroopers with non-dotted mouths, so I must have the alternative versions of them. (I also can’t find any stormtroopers with skin-coloured heads, which the set claims to have in both the primary and alternative minifigs, but that’s it’s own issue.)
I also must have the alternative version of the Imperial Guards, since currently mine have no hands, but in all my pieces, I have no red hands but do have spare black ones. 

This has sparked confusion because my set appears to have a mixture of primary and alternative minifigs, and I’m wondering if this happens with sets?

Thanks a lot


  • lkliment2lkliment2 Member Posts: 195
    What’s the case for the astromech?
  • Jack_Wills11Jack_Wills11 Member Posts: 3
    I don’t understand what you mean
  • Jack_Wills11Jack_Wills11 Member Posts: 3
    lkliment2 said:
    What’s the case for the astromech?
    Oh right, I undestand now. The primary version, with the reduced printing on the head piece; old-style droid.
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