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Maximizing Future Value

New to the forum, and getting back into LEGO as an adult after a multi-decade dark period.  I have purchased a couple large sets to restart my hobby (including Millennium Falcon), and will likely continue with more complex sets over time.  My objective is to have fun putting each set together, take a few photos, likely display it for just a few days (no playtime!), then disassemble and store on a shelf to do it all over again one day... and eventually sell the used/complete set.

Before I open my first sealed set, do you have recommendations I should consider to hopefully maximize the future value and the next buyer’s enjoyment of these sets on the used marketplace?

I know it’s all about condition.  I’ll gently handle and retain original boxes, instruction manuals, etc., and maintain all pieces including mini figures together.  I plan to be as careful as possible reverse-assembling parts back into numbered bags they came from.  Is there anything else specific you suggest?  E.g. should I retain original part bags and tape them up, or would putting the parts back into similarly numbered ZipLoc bags be easier and preferable?

I appreciate any guidance or pointers to threads/FAQs/sites on this sort of subject.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Original bags vs ziplocks doesn't matter.
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