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Help please...

findonfindon Member Posts: 3
edited March 2020 in Building and Techniques
Trying to replicate the GBC in this article ( from the pictures with my kids, but can't work out how the wheel is geared into the motor (need a picture from underneath really!), I am sure I am being stupid...


  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,075
    I don't have it in one piece any more but it just uses a gear rack like this one but with a 8t gear instead. 

    Given you don't really need to gear the motor down because yo can control its speed in the code any right-angle gearing should work, although admittedly there is not a lot of room.

  • findonfindon Member Posts: 3
    Hahah, yeah it is the room that is the issue! I must have the underside slightly incorrect I think as any gear on the shaft which is connected to the wheel rubs on the beams above (8 tooth and worm gear works, but its jerky as the teeth cause friction on the beam), hence why I assumed i was missing something.
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