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Meet a member: Vasko Administrator Posts: 1,225,450
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Meet a member: Vasko

In the second of our meet a member series we talk to Vasko, aka Vasil Trifonov, who's a university student in Sofia, Bulgaria:

What is your first LEGO memory?

The first moment of my life that is related to LEGO that I can remember was in 2003, when I was three years old. My cousins had just arrived from the US, where they live, and as you would expect, they brought some gifts.

To 3-year-old me’s surprise, one of the gifts was a big red bucket from Creator (4116 Animal Adventures Bucket), that was very colourful and didn’t resemble anything I’d seen before. Once I opened it, I would not want to stop playing with the pieces for any reason and I spent many hours a day building things.

Surprisingly, the red bucket was technically not my first set, as back in 1998, when I was not even born yet, my father received 2554 Formula 1 Pit Stop from a Shell promotion when he was fuelling up the car with petrol. I only received that when I was a bit older, around 4 or 5, but I am delighted that he kept it for so many years to give it to me, as if he knew I’d grow to love LEGO.

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