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LEGO Masters week 7 exit interview Administrator Posts: 4,167
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LEGO Masters week 7 exit interview

LEGO Masters USA episode seven has written its final chapter! This week's challenge for the teams was to build a story that had been created there on the set by a group of children. Halfway through the episode, the children returned to give each team another storyline to include in their build.

Each week we'll be bringing you an exit interview but to avoid spoilers for those of you watching on catch-up or via some illicit website in other countries we won't reveal their names above the fold.

For the observant folks, you'll notice that we have not published an exit interview from week 6 yet. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to have a phone call with that team and submitted questions by email. We haven't heard back yet, but when we do, we'll publish that interview.

Catch up on episode 7, see the contestant builds, and read the exit interview of the eliminated team after the break.

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