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Creating Custom Duplo Redcoat Officer Figures

I’ve posted previously about Creating Custom Duplo Redcoat Figures and Creating Duplo Tall Ships for them to sail on. In those earlier projects, the officer redcoat was one figure where I simply left off the gray tricorn hat (he’s bald!) in order to differentiate him from the rank and file soldiers.

I recently set about making that officer figure a bicorn hat!



  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 254
    edited March 2020
    I wanted to post an update. Today I added gold epaulettes to the officer and I think it really completes the image.

    I used the epaulettes from the chest portion of the original pirate head piece. After cutting the black beard off, I used super glue and a clamp to glue the gold epaulettes onto the officer. The way the cut plastic goes around his neck kind of looks like a collar.

    I will likely make a second front-back bicorn officer as lieutenants, and a side-to-side bicorn officer for captain. They may look good with red capes.

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