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Good Condition Used Lego Duplo Sets for Sale

peter56peter56 USMember Posts: 1
edited February 2020 in Marketplace
Hi everyone,

I have used Lego Duplo sets from the early 2000s for sale. I will post a picture and a list of all the sets below. I am happy to send more detailed pictures of the sets on request. Sets with stickers already have the stickers applied. Some sets have printed online instructions included (not official instructions).

Shipping will be at cost and we can use PayPal for payment. I live in Massachusetts so if you are local, we can meet up in person to make the transaction (cash only). 

If you interested in buying or have any questions on the price/negotiating, shipping, etc., feel free to contact me over my email [email protected] or direct message me on this forum.

Thank you for your time

Lego Duplo Bob the Builder Sets:
  • #3296-1 Travis and the Mobile Caravan (printed instructions included): $30 + shipping 
  • #3297-1 Scoop and Lofty at the Building Yard (printed instructions included): $30 + shipping 
  • #3294-1 Muck’a Recycling Set (printed instructions included): $20 + shipping 
Lego Duplo Thomas the Tank Engine Sets:
  • #5554-1 Thomas Load and Carry Train Set (additional rails/parts)(printed instructions included): $75 + shipping 
  • #5552-1 James at Knapford Station (missing only head): $10 + shipping 
  • #5556-1 Percy at the Water Tower: $20 + shipping 
  • #3354-1 Gordon’s Express: $35 + shipping 
  • #3352-1 Salty the Dockyard Diesel: $15 + shipping 
  • #3774-1 Bridge: $40 + shipping 
Lego Duplo Other Sets:
  • #7840-1 Airport Action (printed instructions included): $75 + shipping 
  • #2982-1 Pooh’s Birthday (missing only small blanket): $18 + shipping 
  • #3099-1 Storage Chest (missing only chest)(additional parts/pieces): $50 + shipping
  • Lego Duplo Work Bench: $50 + shipping 

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