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Hi all!

Longtime fan of LEGO. BIONICLE wasn't the line I started with, but it was definitely the series which I first really got into, much like Ninjago would be for many a kid these days. Entered my dark ages when it ended the first time, and only really started getting back into it in a big way with TLM2 (watched the first but didn't pick up any of the sets at the time). 70841-1 Benny's Space Squad specifically was really easy to pick up multiples of and nurture a newfound love of the Classic Space aesthetic!!

I've done quite a few MOCs since the start of 2019 (especially in the aforementioned Classic Space aesthetic), which you can see in my Flickr Albums. I also have an active Ideas project that's very close to 90% of the full 10k, but I don't want my first post on this forum to be an advertisment! (I'll save that for the Ideas project thread...) I'm not a heavy forums user, but I do go around and post on things that catch my eye ^u^

Hope everyone's having a nice day :D


  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,500
    Hiya! Welcome to the forum. I like your Lego Ideas project. I too am a fan of the NCS aesthetic, would love Lego to return to it beyond the Exo-Suit and Benny's SSS, but they're doing lots of other stuff I like, so I'm not too upset.

    Hope to see you around on the forum!
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 3,730
    Welcome! I really like your Classic Space stuff. More, please!
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