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Is this Christmass set real lego?

arathemisarathemis sometimes here, sometimes thereMember Posts: 387
Found this item on the local market (quite expensive - about 450 Euro - so 4.5*RRP price of Gingerbread house).
Is it real lego?


  • izxizx USAMember Posts: 36
    It appears to be a Lego Certified Professional set, commissioned in association with the Lego White Christmas theme/display at the Langham Place mall in Hong Kong for Christmas 2016. That mall also has a "Lego Certified" store, i.e. like a corporate LEGO store, but independently owned/operated--an arrangement that appears to be common in the Asia-Pacific.

    The back of the box has more info:

  • arathemisarathemis sometimes here, sometimes thereMember Posts: 387
    I was surprised not to see the Red LEGO logo on the box front.
  • izxizx USAMember Posts: 36
    edited February 2020
    That's because it's not an official LEGO or LEGO-licensed product. From the BrickArchitect page I linked above:
    Certified professionals are also allowed to create custom LEGO kits as a part of their commissions. There are a lot of restrictions on what they are allowed to create, but based on what I’ve learned, they can build up to 500 kits based on a single design, and have been allowed to use the LEGO Certified Professional logo on the sets they create. Because the complete LEGO Certified Professional logo includes a small version of the iconic red LEGO logo, the sets appear to have the official LEGO logo.

    The logo on the back is part of the full LEGO Certified Professional logo which appears to be cut off. It looks like LEGO doesn't allow use of the LCP logo on the front of such sets. These sets also aren't supposed to be sold by third parties.

  • vanvonfullvanvonfull washingtonMember Posts: 160
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