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To keep or not to keep ?

SbhedgesSbhedges Member Posts: 3
edited April 2011 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hello all,

Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. I couldn't see any other convenient place to put it.

I have in my possession a particular set. It's the LEGO Star Wards Ultimate Collector Series set 10030-1 Imperial Star Destroyer. It was bought back in 2002 from LEGOLAND Winsdor for £250

I've built this model twice and done thorough checks of it to ensure all pieces are there, I've ordered new parts for it off Brickset to replace missing ones and even bought a new "Sticker" to ensure that it's almost mint.

I've heard people say that there were two variants of this set. One with Light grey parts and another with light bluish grey. Mine is the light grey one, the instructions are the Spiral Bound version.

My query is, because I have no knowledge whatsoever of the LEGO market. Is it worth holding onto this item for a few more years to ensure a maximum resale price or should I just sell it now and get a significant return on the original investment ?

Also, looking on ebay I've seen very big variations in the price recieved for this item, some have gone for £450 whilst others have gone for about £300. What is a far price to expect ?

Many thanks all for any help you can give,


  • gold682gold682 UKMember Posts: 208
    Depends on whether you need the money or not. Swings & roundabouts regarding when to sell, as if you sell now, you'll get a good return but if you sell in a few years you'll probably get more, but take inflation etc into it then it may not be that much more.
    If you do sell, i'd look at Amazon. Yes they charge high fees, but then you potentially also get the best return - if you're in no rush to sell. There is only one on there at the moment, asking price is £1795 !!!!!

    I do have this set, but won't sell it as I collect the UCS Star Wars (and 'cos I ain't built it yet!)

    Yes, I have sold a few of my UCS sets through Amazon and you do get the best price - they just take a bit longer to sell. All my proceeds do go back into buying other sets so it's not really a money maker for me!
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    ^ I'd be very interested in hearing a little more about selling on Amazon. I'm more au fait with ebay and to a certain extent Bricklink, but know very little about selling on Amazon. Would you consider starting a discussion with your experiences/knowledge?
  • gold682gold682 UKMember Posts: 208
    Yes, no problem. I'll start an amazon thread later regarding my experience(s) as a seller.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,288
    @sbhedges: I don't have any hard data readily available, but in over a decade of browsing LEGO on eBay, I've noted that the value of a typical retired set matches this pattern:

    1) Upon retirement, the value of the sets will increase quickly. How quickly has to do a lot of factors, but I would surmise the main ones are: interest in set, prospect of availability in auctions, duration/size of production run

    2) It will peak 2-3 years after retirement. During this time, 1) the set is still fresh enough in people's minds to buy it 2) the fear of it continuing to increase drives purchases.

    3) After that point, it will start declining. My guesses are that 1) a large number of the people that wanted the set have managed to get it, 2) interest has changed or forgotten. There are exceptions -- the true superstars -- that will just continue to climb to stratospheric levels, and we're all familiar with these sets. Congratulations if you had the foresight and patience to hold on to your sets this long.
  • SbhedgesSbhedges Member Posts: 3
    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    I have decided to keep the item, I will hopefully be going off to uni soon and intend to keep it as an item that I will sell if I am really in need of the money, which to be honest I'm not now, quite happy to keep hold of it for a few years.

    It's built now however, so I shall be taking it apart and sorting it out.

    Not sure what I should do with regards to packing the bricks though. Does it work better if I bag them by type of brick and colour or if I bag them by part on the main set ?

    Thanks all :-)
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,509
    @Sbhedges: Just a thought, if you build it, then take good pictures of it from all angles so when you do sell it you can show what it looks like when built.
    People that show the actual item (whether a MISB or an constructed item) seem to make more money as the bidders/buyers can see what they are buying..
    Just a thought. (plus I doubt you wan to have to build it again, pic it, then dismantle it again when ready to sell it)
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