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Creating Duplo Tall Ships

evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
edited January 2020 in Building and Techniques
As I’ve posted about in previous posts, my 3 and 5 year old sons are into Duplo knights and pirates. This past weekend, I helped them build some Duplo tall ships for the “good guys” to use to fight pirates.

Over the years, Duplo has created a number of really cool pirate ship sets. We have all of them, but wanted some kingdom ships to fight the pirate ships.

All of the pirate sets from Duplo come with sails that have pirate emblems on them. So, I decided to spray paint some of them linen colored.

I got six of the small black sails and three of the big black sails on BrickLink. We painted three of the small sails white and two of the big sails.

The brown/gray ship hull from the smaller pirate set above doesn’t have any overt pirate symbols built into it (like the large ship does), so we used that for the ship base.

We used the smaller masts at booms on the front of the ships, and the tall masts to hold the sails.

Check out the full blog post for process shots:



  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    Ha! I always loved your DUPLO stories as I'm also a DUPLO knights fan! I also have both the big black and the smaller pirate ship that you have on this picture. I just rubbed off the printed logos to make ships for my knights, but I like your idea of painting them too. Your little buddy looks very happy! :D
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