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VW Type 1 mod suggestions

My son got the Volkswagen T1 Creator Bus #10220. He's not a huge Lego fan as of yet, but he wanted this set for Christmas. He's 9 years old and sometimes struggles with fine motor skills, so assembly can be difficult.

This set was probably not a good match for him: unnumbered bags, difficult build, final model turned out to be a bit fragile.

Anyone have any tips to make the bus stronger? What I've noticed is that the way the motor is placed in the bus, it tends to fall out. the plate the motor attaches to is placed on the bottom of the chassis rails.

I have more time to assist him with the final assembly, so I'm looking for advice.


  • BrainsluggedBrainslugged Member Posts: 2,277
    I think you'd need some pretty extensive skills to strengthen it. A much more robust and age-appropriate camper van would be #31079 Sunshine Surfer Van. It's a really good build and still more complex than all the Lego City sets. It's a 2018 set though so probably retired. I suspect you could pick it up for a reasonable price still. Then maybe you could put the larger one away till you son is a little older.
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