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Redeeming a used Ninjago City, saying hello . . .

Hi, I hope that I'm posting a new message in the Introducing yourself section.  Thanks for letting me join.

I've been trying to redeem a used Ninjago City that arrived with rather more parts missing than we'd expected, and I'm nearly finished with that (it was to be for my grandson, but it wasn't looking like the best Christmas present, so I was given the task of salvaging it, probably for resale when it's complete.  Along the way, I became intrigued with the idea of modular lighting to enhance play, and I've got those components coming in too, so that I should have 5 separate modules (4 wireless connectors) that light up when fitted back together again.  Lots of fun ahead.  I'm a little bit worried about fitting the  bit lights into the 13 transparent orange globes, not quite sure how that will work, really.  I'm actually thinking about drilling an access channel in the black hooks, to be honest.  I'm sorry if that's sacrilege.

But I've got a couple of questions about Ninjago City itself:  ?Why are a white hat and a black scarf stored under the green tower apartment?  And has anybody managed to use the 4 black hooks that project off the slanting roof below the sushi bar for anything?  Maybe they're just decorations?  

Thanks for any comments or directions, if necessary, to a different discussion topic.


  • M1J0EM1J0E Member Posts: 644
    Welcome & good luck with the restoration!  I’m going through a few smaller Batman ones here now trying to bring them back, I can’t imagine the effort in doing it to something like Ninjago city! Sounds like you’ve got a fun project ahead.  Unfortunately I’m not far enough along in building it to actually answer your question.  
  • CymbelineCymbeline Member Posts: 580
    @AncientGrandpa Welcome to the Forum! The "green tower apartment" is actually a public WC. The Chef's hat and black moustache are part of a disguise for the moonlighting Sushi Chef who also works at the Crab Restaurant. He changes disguises as he flits back and forth between jobs. The black hooks are architectural to give the corners of the roof a characteristic Asian upturn. I know absolutely nothing about lighting but I've seen some amazing examples here so I'm sure someone else will be able to make helpful suggestions. 
  • AncientGrandpaAncientGrandpa Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for your encouragements, M1JOE and Cymbeline . . . and I'm delighted to understand more of the Ninjago story.  A good thing I specially bought in the chef's hat and moustache/scarf then, but when I placed them in the sort of 'basement well' it certainly felt odd.  Oh, a public loo, that makes sense then of the fittings.  I'll try to learn more about lighting strategies, as I go along, but any suggestions, especially about incorporating the bit lights into the transparent globes, will be very welcome.  
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