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Howdy from a Star Wars fan

mrwarcriminalmrwarcriminal Eastern KYMember Posts: 3
   Hi, all. I seldom use forums so hopefully this will be posted in the “Introduce Yourself” section. A narrow & hopefully short intro: I'm getting old & at nearly 49 im an OG Star Wars fan from way back. I was fortunate to have all of the SW toys a kid could ever want & made the best of it. TIEs, X-Wings, Death Star, Jabbas Palace, all the figures a couple times over, play-sets, mini vehicles, records, books, comics I just love SW & anything associated. After passing everything  on to my younger brother & he passed them on to our nephews, nieces & cousins not much is left of the vintage stuff. 
   When I was older I collected figures & ships through the years & have a fairly large collection all nice, neatly boxed & displayed. I wasn’t satisfied though & i wasnt sure what exactly i could do about that feeling. Playing with the figures wasnt going to work because it really difficult to get another grown human to play SW, especially in rual KY., & im not sure i wanted to either. One day I purchased a LEGO 75208 Yoda’s Hut because it looked really “cute” & it tugged on my nostalgia for my favorite SW movie TESB. I got home, built the set & it was awesome. I found exactly what i needed. Something i can actually play with, like a kid, & satisfy that part of me who want to actually open my toys. Not that i never opened  my figures but what i got from the LEGO set was totally different feeling.         
   Anyhow i cant imagine this is a rare story & most people can and do relate. The odd part is the fact it took me this long to pick up a LEGO set & discover the fun inside. On top of that LEGOs ARE collectable & that satisfies my collector desire too. Comics, cards, figures & other items are all boxed in acid free bags w/acid free backing boards. They’re great to have but its just stuff. The LEGO is FUN! I save the box, manual & even the sets extra pieces neatly stored while i get to build & for me is more like “play” with my sets by posing, setting up scenes & occasionally breaking down & rebuilding. My great-nephew is 3 so hopefully he & I can start building sets soon. 
   Ok thats a goofy into & reasons why i love my newly found LEGO obsession. I want to say thank you to: Brickset, Bricklinks, & Rebrickable. Theres other cool sites but these three are the one I use daily. Especially Brickset for tracking my sets, reviews, Capnrex101 is really really good, pointing out discounts & all of the other info provided. Bricklinks for making parts incredibly easy to buy & for providing all the data on the sets such as number of parts, type of parts, variations etc. These sites are priceless.
best wishes to all,


  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,337
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 3,166
    Welcome! You never had LEGO as a kid? Yet here you are. I'm 50, never had a Dark Age, so I've been playing with LEGO for 45 years. I had a lot of Kenner SW toys back then, but sold them when I was unemployed and needed money. I kept all my LEGO, though!
  • dspigeldspigel Newport NewsMember Posts: 466
    Welcome to the family!
  • flightriskflightrisk USAMember Posts: 175
    Hello MrWC.   I hope u don’t mind that I shortened your screen name but... it’s kinda long.   I typed it 3 times and didn’t get it right once.   Either my autocorrect hates me or my fingers aren’t what they used to be.  (blame LEGO)   Anyway - welcome!   I’m new here too.  Long time lurker though.   I’m curious as to how long you’ve been assembling sets now and how many you have so far?   And since I’m asking ... war criminal?  Really?   I kind of don’t think so but you definitely have me curious.  BTW - My screen name is a nickname I was given during a stint in the Navy and I am a flight risk lol.  
  • chidschids UKMember Posts: 5
    Hi mrwarcriminal,

    Have built a few Star Wars Models myself
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