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FS: Random assortment of sets (for collection only - UK)

I am selling a large assortment of sets - as they fill a good 3 large boxes and I am looking to sell them all at once, it is for collection only as I want to move them all on quickly.  I am based in north Notts, just off M1 J26.  Alternatively, there are dates I can be in east Lincs or south Derbyshire.  I thought I would give it a go on here before I brave Facebook marketplace or gumtree.

All are 100% complete and have boxes and instructions, and have been built for display and taken apart (some are still partially assembled) unless states otherwise, as there are some sealed sets in here.  Some boxes are together but have been squashed a little - I can send pictures if necessary.

I appreciate people may want to factor in travel time and cost if they are interested so I have not placed a price - please instead feel free to make my any offer :)

Where a set has stickers, they will have been applied unless stated otherwise:

Star Wars

7661 - Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster - NO BOX AND NO INSTRUCTIONS
9509 - Advent Calendar
75023 - Advent Calendar - SEALED
75056 - Advent Calendar - SEALED
75146 - Advent Calendar - SEALED


21109 - Exo Suit
21110 - Research Institute - SEALED IN NEW CONDITION


21102 - Mnecraft Micro World: The Forest - SEALED IN NEW CONDITION


40144 - Lego Toys ‘R’ Us Store - Bricktober 2015 - SEALED IN NEW CONDITION
40228 - Geoffrey & Friends - SEALED IN NEW CONDITION


6755 - Sheriff’s Lock-Up - NO BOX


3221 - Lego City Truck
3661 - Bank and Money Transfer
4432 - Garbage Truck
4643 - Power Boat Transporter
7288 - Mobile Police Unit
7991 - Garbage Truck - NO BOX & NO INSTRUCTIONS
60032 - Arctic Snowmobile
60057 - Camper Van - NO BOX & NO INSTRUCTIONS
60117 - Van & Caravan
60150 - Pizza Van
60158 - Jungle Cargo Helicopter
60159 - Jungle Halftrack Mission

Pharoah’s Quest

7305 - Scarab Attack
7306 - Golden Staff Guardians
7307 - Flying Mummy Attack
7325 - Cursed Cobra Statue
30090 - Desert Glider
30091 - Desert Rover

Monster Fighters

9464 - The Vampyre Hearse

Nexo Knights

70325 - Infernox Captures the Queen
70327 - The King’s Mech

The Lego Movie

70801 - Melting Room
70802 - Bad Cop’s Pursuit
70803 - Cloud Cuckoo Palace
70805 - Trash Chomper
70807 - MetalBeard’s Duel

Alien Conquest

7049 - Alien Striker
7050 - Alien Defender

Galaxy Squad

70707 - CLS-89 Eradicator Mech

Ultra Agents

70162 - Infearno Interception


7092 - Skeleton’s Prison Carriage
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.