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Review: 10270 Bookshop Administrator Posts: 930
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Review: 10270 Bookshop

10270 Bookshop is the 15th Creator Expert Modular Builiding and the first since 2011's 10218 Pet Shop to consist of two separate buildings on 16x32 baseplates.

It's also the first since then to feature a purely residential building, and of course is the first bookshop.

After a couple of modular buildings inspired by those in the New World that were perhaps not as well received by fans as might have been expected, this one returns to European influences and is much better for it.

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  • M1J0EM1J0E Calgary, ABMember Posts: 610
    It's bothered me since reading the review, and I'm not sure I can agree that this building is much better for having European influences rather than American ones.  It is however better for doing something else rather than rehashing the same idea as seen in the last 2.  The last 2 were truly standouts with perhaps the best architecture yet.  DD was possibly the best one overall they've done yet, & CG, if not as well received as some, at least tried something completely innovative with the façade on a 45.

    Which isn't to take away anything from BS, it's awesome that they're doing something different yet again.  Most ideas are tried for only a couple of iterations before doing something else, which keeps the line fresh.  Smaller multiple buildings were seen in 2015 & 2017 with DO & AS.  Hidden humor play features were visited in DO as well in 2015, and again in BB in 2016.  For that matter, single structure 2 story buildings were seen with BB in 2016 also and PC back to 2013.  

    So where does BS fit in?  To me it revisits ideas seen, perhaps obviously, in PS in 2011 and back to PR in 2014 (with the roofs in particular).  Both ideas due, and perhaps overdue, for a modern take.  Thanks LEGO for not doing the same thing over & over again, but giving ideas time to settle & taking a fresh look, & also trying new things.  I'll definitely add this one to my street, just not sure yet if I'll do it, or CG which I haven't bought yet, first.
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