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Lego Colosseum - advice on selling

Hi all, 
I'm having to sell a bit of a labour of love as there is no room for it in my new flat. You can see it here - pretty sure ebay isn't the best place to sell it but I got it up there just in case. I have no idea if there's even a market for this type of build. I bought all the pieces separately over months from sellers on brick link (the tan bricks, especially arches, are crazy expensive!) I think it probably cost me at least £300 in parts and then a crazy amount of (hugely fun) hours to make/finesse. 
Any advice on other places to list this or let Lego enthusiasts know it's there would be massively appreciated.
So sad to see it go - kind of happy if it doesn't sell :)


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,313
    If the parts are expensive, then it is difficult to sell as a MOC as it makes the whole build look expensive for what it is. You might be better off breaking it up selling it as parts.

  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,708
    It looks great. Might be a bit of a stretch for someone to drop £500 on a moc, regardless of how nice it is, unless it's a museum or something like that but would be a big shame to 'part it out'... All the best. Hope you find a buyer.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,313
    Also, haven't the tan arches really dropped in price now, due to some of the recent Hogwarts sets. I bought 300 of the window arch panels earlier in the month, I paid about £35 including postage. And they don't cost much more than that at B+P.
  • legoninjalegoninja LondonMember Posts: 3
    thanks for the comments, yeah I thought I might be going a bit too high, might keep it anyway. The tan hinges (of which there are hundreds are the most expensive part if I remember rightly) - shame I did this before Hogwarts!
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